The 5 Best Sketches From ‘Inside Amy Schumer’


Earlier this week, Inside Amy Schumer returned for a second season on Comedy Central. The series, which consists mostly of sketches and also incorporates some stand-up and interviews, had a solid first season, but Tuesday’s premiere was especially successful in the ratings. Inside Amy Schumer deserves all the success it gets. It’s clever, especially when it comes to subverting expectations, and it has a refreshing feminist angle that a lot of sketch comedy lacks. The show plays with this approach; in a “Focus Group” sketch, a male participant says, “I appreciated how it had a sort of feminist bent on a male-skewing network” but then quickly agrees that he’d like the show more if her body was hotter. Inside Amy Schumer‘s sneaky execution is part of what makes it both impressive and effective. Here are 5 of the show’s best sketches.

“Sex Tips”

The absurdity of women’s magazines is an easy target, but that doesn’t make this sketch any less funny. The writing staff of a magazine brainstorms sex tips for an upcoming issue. The suggestions, which include pumice stones and sawed-off shotguns, aren’t too far from the crap that Cosmo sells us.


“Compliments” was the most talked-about sketch from last season. Its premise — a group of women compliment each other — doesn’t scream comedy, but the writing plays around with the way women are expected to behave: give compliments, but don’t take them. Plus, it has the best ending of any sketch on the show thus far.


“Sexting” is my favorite sketch, a quick bit about Schumer’s poor attempts at turning on a guy via text message. It’s also the first clip that really sold me on the show. “Whaddya want me to do to you?” “Tell me I’m safe in my apartment.”

“Urban Fitters”

Gender politics isn’t Schumer’s only target. “Urban Fitters” focuses on Schumer’s awkward attempt to be racially sensitive — and features a pre-SNL Sasheer Zamata!

“Finger Blasters”

Some of the sketches on Inside Amy Schumer have no agenda besides being just plain funny. “Finger Blasters” is one of those, a sketch that is made up of witty wordplay and innuendo.