‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Episodes 7 & 8: ‘Glamazon’ & ‘Drag Queens of Comedy’


It’s a double whammy of an episode this week. Namely because there were two back-to-back episodes, but (surprise!) only one queen went home. The first paired up queen with queen to create 30-second commercials targeting different sectors of the modern women. The second forced each queen to stand on her own and create a stand-up comedy routine. It went about as well as you’d expect it to go.

Flying High: Bianca Del Rio

This week, Bianca finally gets her due. After soaring high on many recent challenges, she kills her stand-up routine, and also slays our heart with her adorable teamwork with Trinity. Even though their working styles clash at first, Bianca manages to mother-bear Trinity into breaking out of her shell — and that’s the true win.

Divine Trinity: Trinity K. Bonet

Trinity’s transformation into a stand-up comedian and a confident performer even causes Ru to tear up. For once, she isn’t in the bottom two.

Acting Up: Courtney Act

It’s a serious question. How long will Courtney Act get by on just being Courtney Act? For the first challenge, Ru pairs her up with Joslyn, and they do just fine, but her comedy act isn’t that funny, so she breaks into a song. She gets kudos for playing to her strengths, but playing to your strengths better mean a flawless performance when it kind of bends the rules (and it wasn’t).

What’s Goin’ On: Joslyn Fox

It’s cute at first, when Joslyn finds herself paired up with Courtney Act and is totally starstruck. But during the comedy challenge, she drops into the bottom two because she started out strong with her ditzy character routine, and then totally lost the crowd.

Eventually Swimmingly: Darienne Lake

Perhaps the mini-feud between BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake wasn’t just manufactured TV drama, because there’s still tension this week. Ru pairs them up to sell to the cougar demographic, and it’s a just plain weird commercial in which they both actually look stoned. Darienne narrowly gets saved from the bottom two, and then ends up with a great comedy act.

Samantha Who: BenDeLaCreme

For a moment, we think BenDeLaCreme is on her way out, until Ru pulls the bait-and-switch and tells us that he’s saving BenDeLaCreme from elimination in the first episode of the night. She doesn’t exactly pull it together for the comedy routine, but she ends up making it through to the next round.

Chatty Cathy: Adore Delano

For the first challenge, Ru pairs up Adore and Langanja to sell Ruevolution makeup to mean girls obsessed with “texting and tweeting and twerking.” They win, in large part due to Adore’s God-given catty-girl affect. But in her stand-up act, all of her jokes rely on her preexisting charm, personality, and f-bombs, rather than anything too fresh.

Bottoms Up: Laganja Estranja

While she floats by on the commercial challenge, with Adore Delano pulling her through, her comedy act bombs. Her weed-obsessed routine is, as one judge put it, zero funny. Then she gets weird and defensive on stage, which is always the death knell for a queen on the verge of elimination. So this week, it’s bye-bye Laganja!