From Autobot to Stephen Colbert: 10 Pop Culture Newsmakers as Pumpkins


Sure, we’d like to see some stencils for the following, stat: Balloon Boy; Hipster Grifter; Don Draper; Tina Fey; George Clooney; Kate Gosselin. (In fact, we challenge artistically-inclined readers to create one and we’ll post it for all to enjoy.) But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t already plenty of great, pop culture-inspired pumpkins to feast your eyes on, Charlie Brown. After the jump, a roundup of our favorites.

Autobot [via botropolis]

Barack Obama [via Yes We Carve]

David Letterman [via Flickr]

Hillary Clinton [via Crafty Crafty]

Kanye West [via The Fooze]

Michael Jackson [via FARK]

Sarah Palin [via Peachy Green]

Stephen Colbert [via No Fact Zone]

Bella and Edward of Twilight [via Flickr]