Lady Gaga Closes Roseland Ballroom: Links You Need to See


What do Chace Crawford and Game of Thrones’ Ser Jorah Marmont have in common? Well, both are handsome, a little dense, and going nowhere with their dreams (way harsh, Tai). Ba-dum-tss! Here are today’s links:

In honor of Taylor Kitsch’s birthday, a celebration of Hollywood “hunks” who never quite made it. [Crushable]

Do we need to classify this as a spoiler alert when the creators basically sent out a press release? Well, if you haven’t heard yet, expect everyone’s favorite two-timer, Archie, to die soon. [Rolling Stone]

New York City’s historic Roseland Ballroom is closing tonight, with Lady Gaga as its last hurrah. Take a look at its storied history in this roundup. [BuzzFeed]

Jorah, Daario, Jon… the list of Game of Thrones heartthrobs is lengthy. [Refinery29]