‘Cosmo’ Forgets That Women Are Funny: Links You Need to See


In today’s links, we give you a bunch of heartwarming quotes from Lupita Nyong’o’s recent Marie Claire spread, mainly to counteract the utter lameness of Cosmopolitan’s depressing article on SNL. Read on for details.

As if Kurt Vonnegut weren’t wonderful enough – fantastic novelist, bon mots extraordinaire, etc. – we can now add illustrator to his list of talents. [PageTurner]

Cosmopolitan has never held itself to a particularly high editorial standard, but their recent interview with SNL‘s female stars was downright offensive in its laziness. [Crushable]

There are an absurd amount of phenomenal artists who have reached Rock and Roll Hall of Fame eligibility this year. [Rolling Stone]

On the heels of her phenomenal awards season, Lupita Nyong’o crushes it once again in the new issue of Marie Claire. [The Gloss]