This Week’s Top 5 TV Moments: Welcome to the Valley


There are scores of TV shows out there, with dozens of new episodes each week, not to mention everything you can find on Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, and HBO Go. How’s a viewer to keep up? To help you sort through all that television has to offer, Flavorwire is compiling the five best moments on TV each week. This round, Silicon Valley opens its gates and Parks and Recreation drops a game-changing surprise.

Leslie, Ben, and Baby

If you didn’t scream in glee at Adam Scott’s episode-closing beam, you have no soul. To recap: Leslie thinks she’s coming down with the flu, Leslie quickly realizes she’s pregnant, Ben coincidentally realizes he wants kids at the same time, and TV’s happiest couple reunites to share the news. Looks like Leslie’s pregnancy will take up a good chunk of Season 7, plus its messy intersection with her plans to take that fancy National Parks job in Chicago. Meanwhile, apparently Billy Eichner’s character is really into wine.

Arya Gets Her Revenge

Game of Thrones‘ season premiere had dragons and a bisexual prince. But there’s a reason the Benioff ‘n’ Weiss dream team closed out the episode by checking in with Arya Stark. Westeros’ resident tomboy is still growing up way too fast, heading straight from the Red Wedding to her aunt’s castle thanks to the Hound. When the odd couple stops off at an inn, though, Arya gets the chance to take back her sword and axe one of the names at the top of her kill list. The result is brutal, graphic, and chillingly awesome: who doesn’t feel weird about cheering on a preteen as she stabs a guy in the throat?

Silicon Valley Gets Its Big Break

The brand-spanking-new HBO comedy from Mike Judge finally debuted this week. From the cutesy opening sequence to the spot-on parodies of Google and Peter Thiel, the pilot makes for a promising first outing. Episode highlights include an opening cameo from Kid Rock, some truly bizarre facial hair, and deadpan performances from all-star supporting cast members Martin Starr and Kumail Nanjiani. The protagonist’s data-compression startup may just be getting off the ground, but Silicon Valley is off to a remarkably confident start.

Mike Gets Married

And, oh yeah, Selina kicks off her presidential campaign. But we knew that was happening as of Veep‘s Season 2 finale, whereas Mike wasn’t even dating anyone then, let alone engaged to her. Vice President Meyer’s incompetent communications aide is, of course, marrying a journalist, making his boss’ life harder even in his romantic life. Not that she really deserves the help, considering that her wedding speech was just a recycled version of the one she just gave at a senator’s funeral. Most importantly, though, Veep is back, overblown profanity and all.

Colbert Pays Tribute

He didn’t break character, but Stephen Colbert found a touching way to pay his respects to the host he’ll soon be replacing at CBS. Watch his speech above, including a sly wink to his own future stint in The Late Show‘s host chair.