The Muppets as ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters: Who Killed Miss Piggy?


The earnestness that fuels Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper could also be pretty applicable to another much-loved character: Kermit the Frog. In fact, it’s kind of spooky to see how easily The Muppets take to the world of David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks. In Justin DeVine’s paintings (spotted via Welcome to Twin Peaks), the Muppets have a damn fine cup of coffee, the Log Lady is Fozzie Bear, and it’s all very, very amusing. So far, DeVine has done six watercolor portraits in pen and ink, and he’s promising more. Keep an eye on his Tumblr.

Who Killed Miss Piggy?

The Weirdo From Another Place

Major Garland the Eagle

Log Fozzie

Dr. Lawrence Teeth

Cooper the Frog