Jarvis Cocker Channels Petey the Farmhand


We’ve mentioned, but we think Wes Anderson has good taste in music: as colorful as his films, deliberate as his methods, and more poignant than his characters. His past movies have reinvented the pool party with the Kinks, managed to make Elliot Smith just a little bit sadder, and left us wishing that Shark Week was scored by Sigur Ros. Can he keep this touch with Fantastic Mr. Fox, his upcoming foray into animation?

The first single from the soundtrack is streaming on Steregoum , and well, it’s probably too soon to say.

Banjo in hand, “Petey’s Song” is unlike anything we’ve heard from Jarvis Cocker before. The two minutes brim with boings and “zippy zee doodle dums,” lending little insight into Cocker’s puppet character, Petey the Farmhand. It does, however, leave us wondering if this latest from Anderson might be geared towards a younger generation. That, or, maybe he’s just taking on an entirely new level of “damaged.”

Until we see the movie, we’ll just have to take his word for it: “You probably needed to be there with us from the beginning to follow our train of thought.”