Chris Messina Dismisses ‘Mindy Project’ Critics: Links You Need to See


Actor/dream boyfriend Chris Messina has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and this week is no different. Read more about him in today’s links, along with some good news from Vogue, legal news from Black Flag, and general hilarity from a Game of Thrones fan.

Chris Messina continues to be our favorite fake boyfriend. He has a heart filled with gold and justice. [The Gloss]

The wishes and hopes of one Game of Thrones viewer have been put to music. Please prepare to have the melody of Frozen‘s “Let It Go” lodged in your brain one more time. [Buzzfeed]

After a long and arduous court battle, Black Flag have succeeded in stopping FLAG and former Black Flag lead singer Henry Rollins from using Black Flag’s music, name, or logo. A bummer for fans who prefer the FLAG lineup. [A.V. Club]

Amid a new round of accusations, Vogue states that it hasn’t worked with Terry Richardson since 2010. [UPROXX]