‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode 10: “Drag My Wedding”


It’s wedding season! And makeover season! And drag season! So basically just a whole bunch of reality television rolled up into one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This episode has the queens becoming drag mothers to soon-to-be-married couples, with Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David on the judging panel (of course). Some of the men are totally sold on this idea, some aren’t. So naturally, the results are…mixed.

Mother of the Bride?: Courtney & Rien Act

It was certainly interesting to see how Courtney would pull off this challenge, when she’s used to looking fishy with ease. In the end, she went for a Southern Belle look, but her drag daughter ends up looking more matronly than herself, to nobody’s surprise. The judges didn’t like how she stole the attention from her daughter, to which she replied, “I’m like the cougar mom at the wedding.” Indeed.

The Big Shave: BenDeLaCreme & Suzette à la Mode

This pairing led to the biggest actual makeover. As part of the drag transformation, BenDeLaCreme’s drag daughter had to shave off his beard — which his fiance had never seen him without. How’s that for a shock when walking down the aisle?

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Bianca Del Rio & Fifi Del Rio

As the mini-challenge winner, Bianca could have easily sabotaged the queens with improper pairs. Of course, she was only picking on a bride basis (the grooms would come out later), but each seemed to fit their personality perfectly. And in the end, she made a good pick for herself. They got along swimmingly, Fifi’s dress was on point, and the family resemblance was perfection, adorable banter included. Bianca won the challenge.

Come to the Dark Side: Darienne Lake and Ann Drogyny

Unlike some of the men — who must have been dragged onto this show with some level of force — it was Darienne Lake’s cohort’s decision to come on Drag Race. And he knew just what he wanted: a more goth look. But their problem was the opposite of Courtney’s. Darienne ended up looking like a Jersey stereotype, nary a goth influence to be seen.

Hot Mess: Adore & Honey Bun Delano

Adore ends up in the bottom two because, alas, she doesn’t know how to sew. To Adore’s credit, her drag daughter is pretty much game for anything, including the “thrift store wig” (his words) that Adore puts him in. But they failed to show any family resemblance, despite the rocker aesthetic and leather jacket used to cover up some pretty shoddy craftsmanship.

Foxed Out: Joslyn Fox & Bradonna Fox

It was inevitable that Joslyn Fox end up in the bottom two. And in some ways, it was inevitable that she be sent home last night for elimination, given her performance in recent weeks. Of course, it didn’t help that her groom, as a professional athlete, wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of participating. But the makeup Joslyn gave him looked ghastly (and they weren’t even the team trying to pull off the whole goth thing). Joslyn got sent home, with only a single boob lift as her final parting gift.