The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. This morning the US filed papers asking the Swiss authorities to hand over Roman Polanski so that he can be tried in LA. [via WaPo] 2. Julian Casablancas says there is a “disagreement” among the Strokes over whether the new songs for their upcoming album are complete. [via NME] 3. Eyes on the pies: Comedian Soupy Sales has died at 83. [via LAT] 4. Screw the critics: Obama has given Where the Wild Things Are his presidential seal of approval. [via EW] 5. Philadelphia video artist Ryan Trecartin has won the first $150,000 top award in the Wolgin International Competition in the Fine Arts; view his YouTube channel here. [via Philadelphia Inquirer]

Bonus link: Meet the Georgetown University Sophomore Who’s Hiring a Personal Assistant