‘OINTB’s’ Piper and James Franco Make It a Bad Day for Art: Links You Need To See


While net neutrality may soon be a thing of the past, let’s enjoy the net’s democracy of randomness while we still can. From the fetid wall-art Orange Is the New Black‘s Piper creates in a solitary-confinement fugue to the somehow inferior art James Franco creates in his lifelong fugue, here are today’s links:

We’ve been treated to the first minute of Orange Is the New Black Season 2, with Piper making the best of her punishment for beating her fanatical assailant to a pulp at the end of Season 1. Christie’s hasn’t yet reported the selling price of “Thirsty Bird.” [Rolling Stone]

This hilarious clip from Portlandia underscores the many discomforts of concert-going. [UPROXX]

On “feminist” sitcoms’ tendency to, in the 11th hour, bestow litters upon their female protagonists. [A.V. Club]

Jerry Saltz weighs in on James Franco’s works of shart. [Vulture]