That Time Spider-Man and Planned Parenthood Teamed Up: Links You Need to See


On this beautiful, spring Friday it’s only appropriate that we give you some novelty. From all of Al Pacino’s famous yet passed-over roles to the cast of Frozen taking on the Backstreet Boys, here are today’s links.

It’s a surprise to no one that bigwig Hollywood producers can’t accurately talk about how the other half lives. A revisit of Being There proves just that. [A.V. Club]

In a mash-up that was made in heaven, here are the characters of Frozen lip-syncing Backstreet Boys. [Crushable]

Don’t feel bad about ditching your book club. They’re not for everyone. [Huffington Post]

Imagine Al Pacino as…Rambo? We couldn’t either. Here’s a crazy list of other roles that the star passed up. [UPROXX]

Remember that time Planned Parenthood and Marvel teamed up to make a cautionary sex-ed comic book? Neither did we, but it’s worth a read. [Bitch Magazine]