The Price Is Right (Free!) for this Must-Listen Mix Tape


Rap’s Clipse are two brothers Thornton (a.k.a. Pusha T and Malice) from Virginia who have been grinding it out since 1992. After meeting Pharrell Williams in 1993 they were exclusively produced by The Neptunes and put out some mind boggling jams. Since the early days, they’ve hopped from label to label showing much promise but at times coming up short. Not that they lack the potential to make it in the mainstream: their album Lord Willin’ in 2002 was certified gold and opened at #1 on the Billboard chart. With more recent hits/ring tone essentials like “Wamp, Wamp” and “Mr. Me Too”, they have solidified themselves as more than up and comers in the major label hip-hop game.

So why haven’t you heard anything about them lately? Simply said, you’ve been sleeping son. They’ve been working hard in the studio on their upcoming album The Casket Drops, which is due out in March, and features tracks produced by Kanye West, Rick Rubin, Scott Storch, and Timbaland to name a few.

As a precursor to the album they’ve released Road Till The Casket Drops, the latest in a series of stellar mix tapes, which is available for free download here. With 10 tracks full of sprawling chilled-out beats and catchy lyrics about wealth, drug dealing, and womanizing, this mix tape shows insane levels of promise for the upcoming full length — get ready for a spring full of cars with their windows down blasting songs like “Addiction” and “Pop Champagne”. This mix tape has so many jams on it you’ll run out of toast.

Check it out now and thank us later.

– Sameer Naseem