‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode 11: “Glitter Ball”


What is this, Project Runway? For this week, each of the queens was tasked with designing three looks: Banjee Girl Bling, Platinum Card Executive Realness, and Dripping in Jewels Eleganza. Given that the Drag Race queens all have widely different sewing skills, ranging from Bianca Del Rio (pro-level) to Adore Delano (glue guns), you would think that you’d know how this challenge ends up. But, surprise! There’s an upset.

Basic Bianca: Bianca Del Rio

Let’s preface this by saying that Bianca’s looks weren’t bad, they were just fairly pedestrian. Although she avoided elimination easily, her look was middle-of-the-pack, if excellently executed. And as for that boat neckline? Even guest judge Khloe Kardashian was, like, we’ve seen too much of that.

All That Glitters: Adore Delano

Going into this challenge, Adore knew that she had a long road ahead of her — even leading to a breakdown in the work room. But she also had an epiphany. Because even though her looks weren’t super professional, they were fun, hip to her personality, and workable. And, most importantly, Adore sold her looks (even that tutu and Blade Runner wig), winning the challenge.

Too Bad Topaz: Darienne Lake

In a cruel twist, Ru made all the queens say who they’d send home that night if they had the power. Universally, the queens picked Darienne as the one who should go home, based on her performance that night. Her looks were sub-par, and her topaz “slave Princess Leia”-inspired was especially egregious. But her lip sync saved her, surprisingly. Stage presence can be really handy.

Who’s the Coast?: Courtney Act

When they’re all standing on stage, BenDeLaCreme accuses Bianca Del Rio of coasting along. Between the judges, however, everyone wonders if Courtney is actually the one coasting. But Santino loved her glamorous, ruby-inspired final look the most out of all of the queens, so she was safe. Still, we’ve asked this question before. How long can you get by just being “safe”?

Bye, Bye Baby: BenDeLaCreme

The once-cocky BenDeLaCreme found herself in the bottom two after winning the mini-challenge. While her looks stuck to her personality — kind of like a showgirl, cancan performer — nothing was memorable and everything looked cheap. This episode, Adore reinforced the idea that attitude is everything, but BenDeLaCreme can’t seem to muster up a personality more in-depth than her watery cutesiness. Her lip sync probably could have saved her, but Darienne easily outshone her on stage, and BenDeLaCreme was sent home.