A Hickey From Zac Efron As Kenickie Is Like A Hallmark Card: Links You Need to See


Looks like everyone is bent on nostalgia today. From shaking up an old classic to giving voice to 1950s sexism to just plain, old appreciating the character of beautiful old design, all of this is in today’s links.

The good ladies over at Crushable took a stab at casting the upcoming Grease production. [Crushable]

Unlike New York, or most other American cities for that matter, London has always been protective of maintaining it’s distinct architectural character, as evidenced by this art mash-up of 1924 London and current day London. [UPROXX]

If you’re grateful for this continuing golden era of TV, these are the new young showrunners you have to thank. [Rolling Stones]

Lastly, Sandra Bullock is making a movie about the greatest Tupperware Lady of them all, Brownie Wise. [A.V. Club]