Peggy Olson Totally Owned the ’80s: Links You Need to See


We’ve got ladies, ladies everywhere. Read up on new casting choices, find old faces on strange new shows, and take a walk down Celebrity Bestie Lane — all in today’s links.

Hilary Duff is returning to TV in TV Land’s upcoming Younger, a show with a bizarre premise – a 40-year-old mom parades around as a 29-year-old ingenue in the big city – helmed by Sex and the City‘s Darren Star. We’ll see how that goes. []

It’s a shame when good things come to an end. Unless it’s a celebrity friendship, in which case, bring on the tawdry back stories. [Crushable]

In case you’re wondering where Peggy Olson ends up in the 1980s, we’ve got you covered. [BuzzFeed]

Now that The Voice is bringing in Gwen Stefani in as its new female judge, the show should just start referring to that spot officially as “The Blonde Chair.” [A.V. Club]