Shame the Snack Before You Body-Shame the Overweight Reptile: Links You Need to See


From the shady origins of your favorite neon-colored chip to the corpulence of the new Godzilla, today’s links may seem to tell a moralizing tale about what not to feed your mutant reptile. For those few who neither own a mutant reptile nor a bag of Doritos, you can feel free to skip to the other links.

A story of the origins of Doritos, the chip that went from Disneyland’s waste to the snack that’d change the world (by giving its citizens orange, faux-cheese-lined digestive tracts). [Death and Taxes]

UPROXX has a ranked collection (from least to most creepy) of the teasers for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming FX vampire series, The Strain. I too, would take a demon in my neck over a worm in my eye any day. [UPROXX]

The A.V. Club reports that Japanese fans are body-shaming the new Godzilla, whose weight-gain they’re connecting to American eating habits. [A.V. Club]

And lastly, should you find yourself staring puzzled at your Netflix menu, here’s a massive list of the best cult TV comedies. [Rolling Stone]