The Best Merch Inspired by the Films of Stanley Kubrick


Austin-based company Mondo is known for their vinyl soundtrack and VHS reissues, cult film-inspired tees, and limited-edition artworks that pay homage to cinema’s finest. The pop culture purveyors have added a new addition to their line with Mondo 237 , which references Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film, The Shining. The merch is designed after the Overlook Hotel’s carpet pattern, which is strikingly visible in all of Kubrick’s delicious long shots creeping down the hotel hallways. Mondo is selling rugs, sweaters, scarves, and hats. Make a companion purchase with these other great Kubrick-inspired items that will take your obsession with the beloved director to the next level.

A belt buckle inspired by the carpet pattern in the Overlook Hotel from Kubrick’s The Shining. $60

Wear the Overlook Hotel carpet on your feet with these Shining-inspired socks. $11

Be a tangerine dream in this Overlook Hotel-patterned sports coat. Bonus: there are other Shining-inspired articles of clothing in the All Work and No Play line from Loudmouth to complete your ensemble. $395

We’re going to insist that you don’t wear this t-shirt in polite company. $25

A 1968 Wedgwood Jasperware plate that was made to promote 2001: A Space Odyssey. $130

Wear the tee of a proper droog with this shirt referencing the drug-laced cocktail available at the Korova Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange. $30

2001‘s sentient computer HAL 9000 won’t open the pod bay doors, but would probably approve of this t-shirt. $16

Because you’re not brave enough to wear the heart-shaped sunglasses, and this is the next best thing. $15

Don’t be creepy. Skip the mask and existential crisis. Purchase this lovely Eyes Wide Shut poster instead. $21

A perfectly peachy addition to your Kubrick poster collection. $21

The Grady twins and Jack Torrance’s typewriter rantings are a few of the highlights on this fun Kubrick corset. $260

Advertise your love of Anthony Burgess/Kubrickian opiates. $40

An ode to Kubrick’s 1956 noir. $21

The same Arne Jacobsen flatware featured in 2001. $100

Wear Alex’s prisoner number from A Clockwork Orange. $21

The Probe 16 car in A Clockwork Orange, referred to as a Durango 95 in the movie. $30

A mini version of the VHS box for The Shining, “perfect for people that love movies and also enjoy setting things on fire.” $6

The most terrifying knitwear ever. $168

The talking action figure version of R. Lee Ermey’s Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket wants to see your war face. $75

For close inspection of those precious bodily fluids, the Dr. Strangelove eyeglass collection has you covered. $298