Beautiful Design Objects for Booze Enthusiasts


We’re finally getting a taste of that summer sun. Few things pair better with a breezy day outdoors than a fine beverage. Beer gardens, wine tastings, and craft beer houses will be packed this summer, but why contain your enthusiasm for booze to places beyond your front door? We’ve rounded up some stylish objects and furniture pieces for thirsty design lovers that will inspire you to raise a glass from the comfort of home.

For the modern wine lover who can’t get enough cork, this glass-top table boasts a large-scale version of the bottle stopper. The table can be assembled in less than a minute with no special hardware required for those impromptu wine tastings.

The Bilge Lounger from design studio Uhuru is made from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves (as well as leaf springs from New York City fire trucks). The barrels come from Bardstown, Kentucky, the Bourbon Capital of the world. “Uhuru began by dismantling the barrels into their individual pieces: staves, metal bands, and circular heads. We explored how these parts can work together to create simple functional designs while retaining the individual characteristics and natural colors of the aged wood from the original barrels, thus creating a new vernacular.”

STACT combines your love of wine and good design in one minimalist modular system that stores and displays your finest bottles. The result is versatile and space efficient. Best of all, it’s totally customizable.

If crystal isn’t in your budget, this chandelier from architects Gunnar Cedervall and Björn Stillefors offers a comparable sparkle. The chandelier, which can be designed to fit nearly 100 wine glasses, is created in a blacksmith’s workshop dating back to 1840.

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy sushi and other tasty bites than off this platter made from a reclaimed wine barrel stave, finished with food-safe oil.

Drinking and biking is a bad idea, but this snappy 6-Bottle Bike Bag will help you transport your expensive craft beer to its destination safe and sound.

Taking the beer pong table from the frat house to your flat is this sleek and sophisticated version of the popular boozy pastime. Plexiglas triangles emit light without heat and stunning poplar wood will encourage players to keep it classy.

Designer Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos found a use for the Sofia champagne in a can tabs you keep tossing in the trash. This gleaming chair is made from 1,739 recycled aluminum can tabs.

Vancouver’s Straight Line Designs shows off their sense of humor with this bench that is perfect for a cocktail party — thanks to the built-in beverage table.

Leave the wine to the humans, but save the boxes for the cats (ok, and dogs). Whiner and Diner hopes you’ll pamper your pet with one of their wine crate feeders or beds.