Famous Paintings Improved by Beyoncé and Jay Z


Because America simply does not have a saturation point when it comes to all things Carter, some brilliant Tumblr user has created Carter Family Portraits — a gallery of famous paintings with Beyoncé and Jay Z Photoshopped in place of the original figures. We first spotted them on Beautiful Decay, which pointed out that while some of the Carter-implantations are ***flawless, others essentially look like they were created on FACEinHOLE.

The best part of the gallery, though, might be the guest stars: obviously Blue Ivy and Solange make appearances, but there’s also no shortage of Kanye West, North West, Kim Kardashian, the other 2/3 of Destiny’s Child, and even one half of the conscious uncouple, Gwyneth Paltrow. So click through and prepare yourself for what is undoubtedly the future of art as we know it (if The Beygency has any say in the matter, that is).