Hurricane Ashley Heads For Your Local Bar Tonight: Links You Need to See


There’s a storm a-brewin’ on this here Cinco de Mayo, and it’s only a matter of time before you feel all of its Corona and Cuervo wrath rain down upon you. But don’t worry, here’s some light reading, just to take the edge off.

Because evidently no one will get over Kurt Cobain’s death, ever, people are auctioning off benches from the park near his childhood home. [A.V. Club]

Just in case you missed all the margaritas in your Facebook feed, it’s Cinco de Mayo! But with great tequila-soaked evenings comes great responsibility (read: tequila-soaked, selfie-taking terror). [The Onion]

The weather isn’t the only thing heating up — the Mister Softee vs. Master Softee turf war is heating up along with it. [BlackBook]

And in other parts of the world, things that matter are happening, including this heartwarming story of schools in Guatemala being built out of plastic bottles. [GOOD]