7 More Wes Anderson Tourist Attractions We’d Like to See


Hey, Wes Anderson fans with a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, do I have an opportunity for you: on June 13, you can board the Queen Mary in New York and set sail for London with Mr. Anderson, collaborator Roman Coppola, and frequent stars Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton. While en route, you can enjoy a special screening of their latest picture, The Grand Budapest Hotel, followed by a Q&A with Anderson and his actors. Yes, it’s the Grand Budapest Hotel Cruise, brought to you by Cunard Cruises, and yes, it’s weird. But maybe not — maybe this is just the first of many possible opportunities to turn Mr. Anderson’s films into tourist attractions and destination spots. Here are a few more ideas:

The Hotel Chevalier Suite

Visitors to the Hotel Raphael in Paris can request the Hotel Chevalier Suite, which offers gorgeously cinematic views of the Parisian skyline, a custom Marc Jacobs bathrobe, and an iPod/speaker system that only plays “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?” by Peter Sarstedt. Cost: $5,000/night. (Nude Natalie Portman lookalike available for premium guests.)

The Max Fischer Players Theater Festival

Once a year (with the generous sponsorship of Blume International), renowned theatrical director Max Fischer presents a three-day festival of new plays. Matinee and evening performances are accompanied by daytime workshops in the arts of fencing, kite-flying, lacrosse, calligraphy, kung fu, bombardment, trap and skeet, stamp collecting, and beekeeping. This year’s program includes Mr. Fischer’s new stage adaptations of the popular films Gravity, The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Phillips, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Cost: $50/day pass, $175/all-access pass (including admission to closing night dance).

Royal Tenenbaum’s New York

Participants meet at the Tenenbaum house on Archer Avenue for a full access tour of the estate, including visits to Chazz’s first office, Margot’s writing room, Richie’s trophy case, and Mordecai’s cages, as well as an hour of “free time” for board game play. From there, head over to the Lindberg Palace Hotel, and then out for an afternoon of “mixing it up,” riding horses, racing go-karts, playing in traffic, and stealing chocolate milk. After that, hop on the back of a garbage truck and ride it all the way uptown to the 375th Street Y, and finish up the day with a dip in the indoor pool. Cost: $75 (swimming trunks not included).

The Hunt for the Great Jaguar Shark

Don a “Team Zissou” red knit cap and head out to see for a full tour of the world famous Belafonte. Then trek down to the ocean deep in Steve Zissou’s mini-sub to track and (maybe, but probably not) kill the elusive, mysterious, killer “Jaguar Shark.” Cost: $15,000, but, y’know, negotiable.

The Boggis, Bunce, and Bean Tour

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes peek at the poultry and fruit factories of Walt Boggis, Nate Bunce, and Frank Bean. Learn how their delicious products are produced, and marvel at their new, foolproof anti-fox-theft technology. And enjoy a catered lunch of chickens smothered with dumplings and homemade donuts with goose liver injections, washed down with a tall glass of alcoholic apple cider. Tour: Free; Lunch: $30/person.

Visit India on The Darjeeling Limited

Well, come on, this is one is sort of a no-brainer. See the Republic of India from the famous train, with frequent stops for shopping, meditation, and personal reflection. Itineraries to be determined daily and distributed on tiny laminates. Cost: $8,000.

The Bottle Rocket Suite

Visitors to the Days Inn in Hillsboro, Texas can request Room 212, a perfect location for going “on the lam” after bookstore heists and romancing maids. Cost: $35/night. (Never mind: you can actually do this one.)