Indie Film’s No Paradise for Female Directors, Either: Links You Need to See


Looking for something intriguing to take you into the middle of the week? Well, you are in luck because we’ve got some newness (new music video, new trailer, new reports, etc.) for you in today’s links.

Sia’s new song has a new video, and it features one of those overly talented, overworked child dancers from Dance Moms. [PAPER]

Forget “Save the Whales,” “Save Nashville!” [Crushable]

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandale may feel eons away, but Abel Ferrara’s upcoming Welcome to New York brings back the whole disappointing story. [A.V. Club]

For all the talk of indie cinema being a better place for female filmmakers, new stats show that’s just barely the case. [The Mary Sue]