Daily Dose Pick: Radar


At three minutes a piece, Radar’s concise documentaries look at the inspiring creativity of artists who stray from the trodden path.

The second season premiered on Babelgum with Undetermined Measurements, documenting ten “clean suits” patrolling Central Park as part of a performance-art experiment. Upcoming episodes include tales about the loopy domain of patents, a floating and sustainable eco-habitat on New York waterways, and a man who takes a virtual road trip via Google maps.

Produced by the WorkBook Project’s experimental arm, WBP LABS, and directed by up-and-comers from the indie circuit, the first season featured episodes on the tailor-made artifacts of Cassettes From My Ex, the inclusive spirit of the Universal Record Database, and the eureka instant behind Matt Held’s Facebook portraits.

Peruse the Radar website, watch all 12 episodes of season one, and learn more about WBP LABS.