Subversive Punk Art in the Internet Age: The Work of Alexander Heir


Do you ever see a picture of a movie star, model, or some other famous person wearing a Black Flag T-shirt in a magazine and wonder if those people know the name of the artist who drew that logo, or have even heard the band before? At the same time, though, Raymond Pettibon — who created that Black Flag logo — got sorta lucky. He certainly gets a lot more credit than most of the designers responsible for the countless punk logos and flyers that appear in books or on T-shirts for sale in mall, whose names are largely lost to time. The artist Alexander Heir — whose work is somewhat reminiscent of Pettibon, as well as Zap Comix, the occult, and nights spent getting drunk in the basement of a punk squat — won’t suffer that same fate, thanks in large part to Sacred Bones‘ new collection, Death Is Not the End: The Art of Alexander Heir. We’re excited to preview a selection of pieces from the book, below.