Michael Jackson’s New Album May Be Great: Links You Need to See


It’s all music and fabulousness in today’s links. Revel in it — it’s well-deserved!

Most lovers of pop music and the King of Pop have been holding their breath about this new Michael Jackson album and whether or not it would actually be any good. Lucky for us, early reviews are in and things are sounding promising. [The Quietus]

Some would argue that the era of the grand New York City society dame is over, but luckily there are still a few of these old Gotham gems still left and willing to share a few bon mots. [NYMag]

Did Rihanna delete her Instagram account? We sure hope not. [Billboard]

Wu-Tang’s “secret” album apparently has a guest appearance from… Cher? Oh, yes. Of course. [Huffington Post]

Maisie Williams is so consistently better at social media than any of us that it should surprise no one that her social media ode to Lorde was pitch-perfect and hilarious. [The Gloss]