Top 10 Street Foods from This Is Why You’re Fat


On October 29th This Is Why You’re Fat is taking over NYC’s most popular food trucks for a day, giving the nation’s fascination with fatty foods the 2.0 treatment. Jessica Amason, co-creator of the site and co-author of This Is Why You’re Fat, will launch a Twitter contest involving six of Manhattan’s most popular Twittering food trucks.

Each truck will be creating their own This Is Why You’re Fat-inspired menu item for the day, something that embodies the spirit of the Gross Food Movement and celebrates the blog to book that made it all happen. The first brave soul to tweet pics of them eating all six items will win a private food cart party of their choice with 25 of their friends, plus This Is Why You’re Fat swag including a free copy of the book. Details on the afterparty here.

To help prepare for what you might be dealing with on Thursday, click through for Jessica’s top 10 list of street foods from This Is Why You’re Fat.

10. Cheesy Mac n Rib Melt

9. Fried Chicken Skin

8. Deep-fried Twinkie On A Stick Dipped In Chocolate Syrup

7. The Fat Koko

6. The Fat Elvis

5. The Spamsicle

4. French Fry-Encased Hot Dog On A Stick

3. The Brick Of Cheese

2. The Pizza Cone

1. Hot Beef Sundae