Hulu and YouTube: Still Free, Home of Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous ’80s TV


With remakes of V, the A-Team, and Red Dawn all currently underway, it looks like Hollywood’s really pushing ’80s-era action-adventure on us in a big way. But anyone between the ages of 25 and 40 knows that if you’re looking for some real nostalgia, it’s all about Saturday mornings. Though we may not have the wood-paneling in our basement to make the cartoon experience truly complete, we do have the internet, and before we start having to shell out to enjoy our TV on our computers (the way nature intended, obviously), here’s a look at just some of the shows streaming over the world wide web for free (Facts of Life lunchbox and Glowworm doll not included).


In case you were wondering, Andrew Lloyd Webber does not have the only game in town when it comes to large talking felines. Sure, they may never get a full-length feature based on the series off the ground, but if those Cats ever met these cats they definitely wouldn’t stand a chance.

Inspector Gadget

If ever there was trouble in Metro City there was only person to call. Inspector Gadget had the tools, the power, and the heart needed to take on Dr. Claw. The brains? Not so much.


Excitement, Adventure, Fashion and Fame is right. Unfortunately none of those things could save Jem when the plug was pulled on her DVD box sets, but thanks to one intrepid YouTube user we can still all enjoy the music (and the makeup) that made little girls all over want to be a Hologram.

She-Ra: Princess of Power and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Your own feature-film, action-figures, lunch boxes: being the epitome of ’80s cartoon adventure sure does have its perks. He-Man and She-Ra demanded a loyal following, one we were definitely happy to be a part of. And now that we’ve got full episodes available at our fingertips? Well, it’s safe to say that now we’re the ones who have the power.