‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 6 Episode 13: “Countdown to the Crown”


Every year, before the final three queens face off in a battle of wits, sass, and fashionable dress, RuPaul’s Drag Race airs a clip show. Although it’s basically just filler before the finale, it’s still a pretty fun time. Classic queens reunite, former contestants come back into the picture (whether we remember they existed is another question), and everything comes in soundbite form. So for this episode, we’ve curated the best quotes on Season 6 from last night, because one-liners continue to abound.


Anything Joslyn Fox said, especially: “Keep it foxy!” [insert boob grab and “womp womp” here]

Manila Luzon on Bianca Del Rio: “Bianca’s ‘Rolodex of Hate’ is more like a Wikipedia page.”

Alaska on the #OhNoSheBettaDon’t catchphrase of the season: “I love that actress on Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh No She Betta Don’t.”

Throwing shade at turnt-up runway looks:

Raja on Vivacious’s drag: “Vivacious’s spike outfit looked like a microscopic image of a syphilis spore.”

Jujubee on Joslyn’s : “I think Joslyn’s ass is her best outfit.”

Alaska on Adore’s diamond tutu outfit: “It looks like Tonya Harding is going to chase after her with a crowbar any minute.”

Courtney Act on her biggest fan Joslyn Fox: “We’ll have to get her into a nice lace front wig.”

Reactions to this season:

Manila Luzon on Michelle Visage and Santino Rice’s banter: “I think that Michelle and Santino are fighting a lot more this year. Because I’ve seen a 30% increase in side-eye.”

Latrice Royale on Laganja Estranja’s meltdown onstage: “5 Gs, gurl. Good. God. Ganja. Get. A. Grip!”

Sharon Needles on Bianca Del Rio: “Let’s get one thing straight: Bianca’s not a bitch. She’s right.”

Jinx on Milk’s elimination: “I had to cut Milk out of my diet and I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready for soy. It doesn’t taste the same!”