H. R. Giger’s Hellishly Perfect Album Cover Artwork


Of all H. R. Giger’s art, which might be adequately described to those unfamiliar with it as H. P. Lovecraft in a personal hell designed by Salvador Dalí, his design work on the film Alien will always be the most well known. But Giger, who died this week at the age of 74, periodically spread his talents to designing album covers, creating artwork for a wide swath of different groups, from French prog-rock to a new wave goddess’ debut solo outing, over a 30-year period. As anybody familiar with any of these albums might know, in some cases, Giger’s visceral and terrifying artwork outshined the music it was intended to sell.

Brain Salad Surgery, Emerson, Lake and Palmer

To Mega Therion, Celtic Frost

Attahk, Magma

Hallucinations, Atrocity

Heartwork, Carcass

Danzig III: How the Gods Kill, Danzig

Kookoo, Debbie Harry