A Practical Guide to Wacky Summer “Sports”


It’s finally getting summery outdoors and just in time — Naked Juice’s Day in the Park is this Sunday, May 18, in five city parks across the country. There’s all kinds of crazy fun to be had, including a yoga class, tug-of-war, relay races, bubble soccer, and tons of prizes. To prep you for the big day, we’ve created a guide to the most important things (well, maybe the most fun things) about these silly summer sports. See you at the park!

Tug-Of-War A summer camp classic, tug-of-war is a simple game that can be super serious or highly hilarious, depending on the circumstances. Here’s a quick primer on what’s involved:

OK, that’s just a Carly Rae Jepsen video. But we’re pretty sure she’d murder us all with her professional perkiness — it takes some serious perseverance to perform in a Broadway show every night. Here are the real pros in action, in the Chinese National Tug-of-War Championships. Marvel at their tugging excellence, and take some notes to up your own game:

Bubble Soccer From this video of Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, and The Roots’ Frank Knuckles playing the completely ridiculous game of bubble soccer, it’d be understandable to pass it off as a late-show gag.

But it’s totally a real sport! In this video of a Korean bubble soccer match, the teams face off on a real field. Apparently, the key move in bubble soccer is to “not fall down,” as you run around looking like Violet Beauregard, post blow-up. It’s worth watching through for choice commentary like “He’s blocking the ball like a woman!” and “Feeldog is running a lot.”

Cornhole No, not cornball, the dangerous snack enterprise from Arrested Development . Cornhole is another good candidate for “not a real sport,” but in fact can be seen in full swing at the American Cornhole Organization‘s World Championship, where you can get a first-person view of throwing technique.

Ring Toss In its most wack form ring toss has been seen on Jimmy Fallon as “antler ring toss” with guests like Queen Latifah wearing helmets with antlers and being subjected to rings being tossed at their heads.

At its most basic though, ring toss is a sport that anyone can understand — as adorably demonstrated by this 7-year-old girl:

So there’s your rundown of a few of the wackiest sports we’ll be playing special, Naked Juice versions of on Sunday across the country. We hope you’ll join us, whether it’s in Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Philly, or Portland.