The New Michael Jackson Video Is Out: Links You Need to See


Representation of the self and others is a theme for today — which is to say that homage to iconic greatness is totally acceptable, but homage to one’s own irritatingly stoned countenance is completely not. Find out who’s deserving of screen time and who isn’t in today’s links.

If James Franco’s “documentary” is not the absolute embodiment of our society’s rapid degeneration into mindless narcissism – the man makes the Kardashians look like disciples of Franciscan humility – then what is? [A.V. Club]

Lena Dunham’s production company is bringing “The Handsome Butch” to the silver screen. [AfterEllen]

Sofia Coppola’s love of cluttered bedrooms and sun-drenched antiheroines is now fully documented for your perusal. [Tribeca Film]

J.T. pays tribute to Michael Jackson in the new video for “Love Never Felt So Good.” [Huffington Post]