Quiz: Are You a Mod or a Rocker?


It seems like a simple question: are you a mod or are you a rocker? The thing is, most of us aren’t entirely one or the other. That’s why for 50 years, well-dressed adults and angsty teenagers alike have wasted hours wondering which side of the line they fall on, raising questions of aesthetic preference, philosophy, and musical taste. So, which one is it for you? Mod or rocker? Answer these questions to find out.

Without giving it much thought, which word gets you more excited?

A) Vespa

B) Triumph

C) Dirtbike

When you see this target, what do you think about?

A) Mods!

B) A target to aim for when punching a mod.

What are your thoughts on pomade?

A) “Ghastly grease. Might as well put butter in your hair.”

B) “That’s how I get my pompadour up as high as it can go!”

Gene Vincent or The Creation?

A) The Creation

B) Gene Vincent

Black leather motorcycle jacket or parka?

A) Parka

B) Black leather motorcycle jacket

C) Hooded sweatshirt

Creepers or desert boots?

A) Desert boots

B) Creepers

What’s your idea of fun?

A) Riding around on your scooter.

B) Riding around on your motorcycle.

Turn the page to see your results.


If you answered mostly A, you’re a mod. If you answered mostly B, you’re a rocker. If you answered C anytime it was offered, the rest of your answers are invalidated, and you are neither a mod or a rocker. Sorry.

On May 18 and 19, 1964, England’s seaside towns were rocked by historic youth riots that pitted mods against rockers. In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of that defining subcultural moment, we’ve declared it Mod Week at Flavorwire. Click here to follow our coverage.