10 Snug and Stylish Ways to Cozy Up With a Good Book


We don’t need an excuse to cozy up with a good book and get lost for a while. After spotting a set of fun and comfy pillows inspired by literary classics, featured after the jump, we went searching for the most stylish and snuggle-worthy ways to read. Bookmark these comfortable, literary furniture pieces and design objects for those moments when you’re ready to be whisked away for a weekend of books and bliss.

ThinkGeek wants to make it easier for you to faceplant into a good book. Their “olde pillow book classics,” which we first spotted on Lost at E Minor, include soft and fluffy versions of Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, and Treasure Island.

“Read” in bed and help a good cause. The Bedtime Stories duvet allows you to cuddle and enjoy the benefits of books at the same time — without the awkward snuggle-in-the-sheets gymnastics. The blanket was hand sewn at the Sewing Workshop at Tires Prison Facility for Woman in Lisbon, Portugal. Each lightweight duvet is printed with the Grimm Brothers’ classic story The Sleeping Beauty.

The comfort of your favorite hoodie and the smooth sounds of your newest audio book, all rolled into one. Meet the Hoodie Pillow: a warm and wonderful headrest ready to lull you off to dreamland with its fleece pockets.

Claudio D’amore designed the Kosha Chair as a meditative bookworm lounger. The curvilinear chair is made from 33 strips of wood, all assembled by hand. Slots along the interior provide space for books, an ergonomic seat is beyond comfortable, and the concept inspires the imagination. It’s a self-contained book lovers paradise.

Read with an old friend — the Penguin Classic, in customizable pillow form.

Set the mood for a day’s reading with this book-scented candle that brings the library and book shop to your bedside.

Jacqueline Le Bleu‘s fabulous chairs made from old books repurpose old linen covers, bract and ribbon markers, and other vintage details in fun and stylish ways.

If you can’t afford to maintain a rare book library full of leather-bound books, this charming leather pillow is probably the next best thing.

For the contemporary design lover who appreciates a good book, but doesn’t want to be so literal, the wool GAN Books Rug hits the spot. The modern carpet also doubles as a toasty reading spot.

Sometimes comfort is about privacy. The Oktavilla book screen designed by Elding Oscarson is the perfect way to create an intimate reading room, while maintaining a modern, literary sensibility.