Robin Thicke is Still Awful: Links You Need to See


Today, the things we think we know and hold sacred are getting flipped on their head. For some people and cultural institutions, this for the better. For others…not lookin’ so great!

Let’s start with Chewbacca! Is it any surprise that the gentle, loveable, gun-slingin’ furball was modeled after George R.R. Martin? Here are a few more insights on the creature. [UPROXX]

Robin Thicke’s transformation into a better person can’t come soon enough. Unfortunately, that pipe dream has yet to occur, and his antics at the Billboard Awards only reinforce that truth. [Rolling Stone]

Looking to shake up your childhood? Check out Toy Story’s horror remake. [Laughing Squid]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art just released a database of over 400,000 art images on its website. Art lovers, rejoice! [Metropolitan Museum of Art]

There’s a slew of fresh faces giving R&B a much needed update, and you need to listen to all of them. [The Frisky]