Arsenio Hall Might Buy the Clippers: Links You Need to See


For every Macklemore in the world, we hope that there are 100 better people to counteract him. And actually, we may be in luck!

Hot studs with personalities to match? We’ll take it! [Jezebel]

Macklemore (alternate pronunciation: “That Fucking Idiot”) can’t check his privilege. Nope, not even by one iota. [Crushable]

Arsenio Hall wants to buy the Clippers with a little help from Kickstarter. [Rolling Stone]

Lastly, in a cruel twist of fate, Juliette Lewis has been cast in the Jem and the Holograms movie, but not as Jem – and let’s face it, if this movie were made 15-20 years ago, she would’ve been perfect. [A.V. Club]