Drink Your Room Service Hooch, Eat Your Prison Pad Thai: Links You Need to See


Somehow, at the end of a day of internet immersion, every piece of information begins to seem — how can I possibly phrase this originally? — a reflektion of a reflektion of a reflektion. Today’s links communicate with one another across a dangerous terrain of pop cultural obsession (e.g. the weird, literal feeding of excessive Orange Is the New Black fandom) and antagonism (two good-humored attacks on Don Rickles’ wrinkles in one day!). So sit forward and feast your screen-wearied eyes on these bad boys (links).

Preparation for the second season of Orange Is the New Black are starting to mirror apocalypse prep: just as people stuffed bomb shelters with canned baby corn before Y2K, one hotel in D.C. is offering an extended stay in a dark chamber chock-full of popcorn, protected from the outside world, meant solely for Orange Is the New Black binging. [Jezebel]

While on the topic of OITNB, Abrams Books is releasing a cookbook inspired by the show’s mouth-watering glop. [A.V. Club]

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, celebs once again delighted in the masochistic act of reading mean spirited tweets about themselves. June Squibb’s terse but salty retort to her verbal aggressor is especially priceless. [UPROXX]

While comedian Don Rickles appeared in the Kimmel video to read a tweet about his resemblance to Yoda, he simultaneously appeared in the audience of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Don Rickles tribute/roast. Perhaps he joked about being Yoda to deflect attention from him actually being Yoda? Theories? [Crushable]