A Gossip Girl Spinoff, The Ghostbusters Movie, a Flintstones Musical, and MOCA Troubles


XOXO, you know you love this: OMFG there might be a Gossip Girl spinoff! CW is considering using one of GG’s episodes later in the year to test the waters for a long-talked-about spinoff. The book series spins off into The It Girl, following the trials and tribulations of Jenny Humphrey, but sources say the TV version wouldn’t focus on poor raccoon-eyed Little J (which is a good thing, because we don’t think tiny Taylor Momsen is ready to helm her own ship), but on another of the nine characters. Please let it be Chuck. (Or Dorota!) [Variety]

Yes, but what about Slimer?: There have been heated debates between die hard fans about the prospect of a third Ghostbusters flick, but things appear to be moving forward whether they like it or not. Even Sigourney Weaver — who played Dana Barrett — hopes to be involved. “I’ve heard about it,” she told MTV. “I’m supposed to get in touch with Bill [Murray] next week.” [MTV]

Flintstones musical in the works: It looks like the Flintstones are likely to make a Broadway debut as writers Marco Pennette and Jeff Marx (Avenue Q) are in final negotiations on a book about everyone’s favorite cave-family. The plot will revolve around “contemporary issues” such as Wilma’s modern marital expectations and “global cooling” (to reflect pre-Ice Age trends, of course). [Playbill]

MOCA latte: Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art is teetering. The museum will last through the end of the year, but after that MOCA will either consider philanthropist Eli Broad’s restated and re-encouraged $30 million bailout offer, or will “diligently work to evaluate and develop various options for the long-term financial health.” We say, take money if it’s being offered out of the goodness of one’s heart? [Artinfo]