10 Stylish Picnic Sets for a Design-Savvy Day in the Park


‘Tis the season for sunny days and impromptu picnics in the park. This summer, pack the Pinot and dine en plein air with these designer-approved picnic sets. Keep it casual, but modern when you kick back for an afternoon of friends, food, and fresh air. Leave the ratty blanket at home and tote your gourmet goodies without sacrificing style.

Portable picnic set Springtime was created by Dutch designer Jeriel Bobbe. Lamenting the lack of comfortable benches in his local park, the artist was inspired to build his own — including two seats, a folding table, and roomy basket space. Lightweight birch makes the set easy to transport by bike, and colorful accents help the design live up to its cheerful name.

For those who don’t mind attracting a little attention while they eat, the Napkin Table from designers at Tunghai University in Taiwan is a portable picnic solution for two. No seats? Can’t keep those pesky ants out of your lunch? The Napkin Table is an elevated eating area that folds up into a neat little package when not in use. It’s an intimate and interesting way to dine in the great outdoors.

Would you wear these Pic-nic pants from experimental design group Acquacalda? Fashion meets function with the harem-style clothing piece, which uses your natural cross-legged position as the “table” for your meal. The pants also have a pocket for water bottles.

The Boxsal is as scenic as the park you picnic in. The eco-friendly picnic boxes are reusable and playful. Each set comes with fully compostable utensils, plates, cups, and napkins. The grass is greener when you ditch the wicker basket for a Boxsal.

This insta-picnic set is small enough to fit into a car glove compartment and comes with plates, silverware for two, and a corkscrew. Designer XXD recommends unfolding the built-in placemats and adding wine, nibbles, and a grassy hill.

Designer Wolf Wagner’s lightweight, stackable, table-less picnic set weighs less than a pound. It’s convenient for the urban picnicker who doesn’t necessarily have access to a grassy knoll. Urbana’s pieces have handles for ease of eating and accommodate two to five friends.

Toma Brundzaite’s Picnic Book transforms itself into disposable dinnerware. Your spontaneous luncheon on the grass is just a few tears and folds away. For added whimsy, the Picnic Book includes a sheet of ornaments that can be colored in to your heart’s desire.

Say yes to this adorable picnic box set from designer Peichun Lee. The PiqueNique was made for the modern-day picnicker, but would be right at home in the Mad Men era.

It doesn’t get more convenient than the Yield Picnic Bag, which includes a water-resistant, nylon blanket to dine on. You can even use the container as a beverage cozy.

The Combine uses sustainable materials and stackable technology for dining on the go. The minimalist picnic set has everything you need: two large bowls, a pot for sauces, plates, cups, coasters, and more. Transport all your dining essentials in a bold silicone bag for informal get-togethers.