Video of the Day: Architecture Tetris


Designer-in-training Sergej Hein animated this entertaining parody of Soviet Bloc architecture, filtered through the early ’90s pop culture touchstone Tetris. Hein, who grew up in Riga and later East Berlin, explains, “They used to build cheap housing for workers…. These ‘blocks’ were so similar that in Soviet times, you could easily wake up at a friend’s place in another city and still feel like you are in your flat. Even the furniture was the same.”

In an interview with YouTube’s Creator’s Corner Blog, he outlines the production trickery involved: a 3D animation of the building (basically an edited version of the block apartments across the street from Hein’s own residence), plus a time-lapse sky sequence the designer shot with his DSLR (one photo every five seconds over the duration of three hours, compressed to 1:21 minutes in length).

Are you as impressed as we are?