The Tress Test: Get a Piece of Lady Gaga (Hair)


News that makes us hyperventilate: just in time for Halloween, a super! deluxe! edition! of Lady Gaga’s platinum album The Fame, repackaged as a trick-or-treat box including a lock of Gaga’s hair. Gee, that is creepy, and gosh, that is awesome. The limited release will cost $100, far less than what we imagine an intrepid Ebay seller would charge for one her various wigs. Think about it: even Madonna tried to pull out that platinum weave. After the jump, we handicap the odds of Gaga’s most lucrative hairdo. reports on the contents of The Fame: Monster:

The package contains the new version of the album as well as the “Book of Gaga” (described as “highly stylized collector’s edition art table book housed in a custom slipcase documenting Gaga’s journey into pop superstardom”), which contains such treats like a puzzle, behind-the-scenes photos, paper dolls, a pair of 3D glasses and, perhaps strangest of all, a lock of Lady Gaga’s hair. Though the deluxe editions will be available in limited quantities, doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of hair to sacrifice?

Not really, considering the sheer multitude of wigs, weft, and accoutrements donned by Gaga since her popularity waxed in early 2009. Forthwith, our odds on what hairpiece will be included in the boxed set.

This particular hairdo witnessed a Moon Man win and one of MTV’s most scandalous VMA performances to date. Odds: 3-1.

This is the obvious choice, due to its portability factor, but wethinks ’tis a bit too easy. And, though she may be easy, she’s definitely not predictable. 5-1.

OMG, we wish. But alas, probably not. 50-1.

It’s not her typical platinum weave, but this shot featured on Lady Gaga’s Twitter feed proves that she loves that iMac Photobooth function, just like every emo, raver, and disco-sticked kid in America. 75-1.

Too frizzy, not silky enough: shilling for her headphones line in Berlin in September. 150-1.

Straight brown hair from the days of Stefani Joanne Germanotta: not a chance. 1,000,000-1.

The Monster Ball tour/pop-electro opera kicks off with fellow Flavorpill fave Kid Cudi in Montreal on November 27.