20 Photos of Prince Making Inanimate Objects Sexy


Pop culture royal Prince turns 56 today, but the singer shows no signs of slowing down. With 30 chart-topping singles, over 100 million records sold worldwide, 10 platinum albums produced, and a career renaissance with 3rdeyegirl, Prince continues to attract fans and push boundaries. One of the central components of Prince’s oeuvre has been his sexually frank lyrics. That alone might be enough to make audiences swoon, but his flamboyance, confidence, ridiculous talent, seemingly ageless beauty, cleverness, and attitude basically make him a magical unicorn wrapped in a double rainbow. The sexy knows no bounds — and that the performer largely remains a mystery only intensifies his allure. Prince even has the power to make inanimate objects sexy.

Prince and a lollipop (sans heart-shaped glasses).

Prince does high heels better than the rest of us.

When Prince paints with watercolors there is fog, black satin, and neon involved. [Spotted via @ComplexMusic]

Prince the elder pimp and his blinged-out cane.

Prince as a witchier Jareth the Goblin King with a crystal ball.

Prince’s gloves just want to love you.

The Purple One gone pink, with feathers.

Prince breaking hearts on his motorcycle.

Prince’s bandana. No other accessories (including pants) necessary.

Prince’s hat makes doves cry.

Prince of swords.

Prince knows how to make sweet love to a guitar.

Sometimes a drumstick is just a drumstick, but not when Prince is holding it.

Even his mugshot is sexy (even though it’s not real).

Praise Prince.

A microphone posing as a gun in Prince’s capable hands.

What sunglasses?

A royal car for His Royal Badness.

Hi. Hey there. Hello.