20 of the Weirdest ‘Fault In Our Stars’-Inspired Merch Items


Not since Harry Potter has a Young Adult novel attracted such a devoted fanbase as John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. As an inevitable result of that, the book — and film adaptation, which opens in theaters today — has inspired countless homemade items that you can buy on Etsy. Here’s a roundup of the most creative (and strangest) The Fault In Our Stars-inspired merchandise, from wedding bouquets to customized tissues.

Tons and tons of iPhone cases

Hershey Bar Wrapper (Chocolate not included)

Typewriter Quote (typed on an authentic “vintage typewriter”)

Pillow Case

Mason Jar (“can be used as a decorative vase” or “a jar”)

Handmade Metaphor Print

Travel Tissues

Kitchen Apron

Literary Bouquet (for your TFIOS-inspired wedding)

Custom Painted Heels (to wear with your wedding dress)

Custom Painted Toms (for your bridesmaids)

Hand-painted False Nails (for the big day)

Water Bottle Label (water bottle not included)

Party Kit (for the saddest party ever)

Don’t forget the party invitations!

Custom Painted Vans

Mug Rug

5 Yards of Elastic

Stud Earrings

Wine Glasses (because adults read YA too!)