Julian Casablancas Dances for Conan


Last night on The Tonight Show, Julian Casablancas performed “11th Dimension,” a track from his upcoming solo album Phrazes for the Young. He also did some awesome dance moves, presumably to make up for the lack of the Strokes behind him — though we have to admit he’s always been something of a ham onstage. Here we identify and rate the different 10 moves; watch the video and let us know your own thoughts.

In order of appearance:

The Shovel” – 4.4

What is he doing? It’s kind of hot. But more than kind of awkward. It’s fine, he’s just warming up. Give him a moment to break out the big guns.

The Gee Golly Whiz” – 7.9

This makes us think of the exuberant arm movements we imagine guys making in the ’50s when offered a kiss on the cheek from a swell girl. Or some killer cleaning product.

The Semi Robot” – 2.7

He could have really gone all out on this one, but instead just tried to do the robot while not looking like he was doing the robot. It just looks like a shy robot.

The Light” – 4.0

What is that off in the distance in front of you, Julian? Reach for it — it could make all your dreams come true. No, it’s still just the audience.

The Roll the Dice” – 8.8

A classic! And always a crowd pleaser. Bonus points for apparently not doing it ironically.

The Check Out These Clowns Behind Me” – 2.0

We know. Those are not the Strokes. Stop drawing attention to it by waving your thumb at them.

The Conductor” transitioning into “The Half Airplane” – 7.3

Okay, it’s cute how into it he is. Also, this is the move we do at clubs when we’re trying to act detached and super cool. Except not the Half Airplane part.

The Elephant” – 3.1

A variation on “The Gee Golly Whiz” but way lazier. Come on, Julian. Don’t swing your trunk at us.

The One-Armed Skier” – 5.3

Now we just don’t know what’s happening. Cut to the drummer!

Phrazes for the Young comes out November 3rd on Cult/RCA.