Flowchart: So You Wanna Write a Lana Del Rey Thinkpiece…


Hi hello, welcome to this week’s edition of “the Internet eats its own tail.” As I stated in my own Lana Del Rey thinkpiece last week, the endless conversations surrounding LDR have their own gravitational pull in the black hole of content that is the web. In light of the release of her second proper album, Ultraviolence, this week, you may feel as though you need to have your own opinion about Lana Del Rey, and to share it with your network. But, so many people have had LDR thoughts before you! Allow me to help. Here’s a handy flowchart to pair you up with the right angle for your inevitable Lana thinkpiece. (You can click for a higher res image, too.)

Flowchart designed by Garrett Traya, words by Jillian Mapes