What Is Lana Del Rey Wearing?


Hooray! There’s a new Lana Del Rey album, the endlessly thinkpiece-able Ultraviolence, with its sad girls and its fucking your way up to the top and its darkness and hilarity. And this also means that there’s another new round of Lana Del Rey songs where she’ll tell you, in detail, just what she’s been wearing. From red dresses to white bikini tops, we go through Lana’s greatest clothes references — it’s up to you to figure out the symbolism. Perhaps there’ll be a whole chapter on Lana Del Rey in the upcoming book Women in Clothes. We can only dream.

“I’ve got feathers in my hair/ I get down to beat poetry” “Brooklyn Baby,” Ultraviolence

“I’ve got my red dress on tonight/ Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight” “Summertime Sadness,” Born to Die

“Likes to watch me in the glassroom/ Bathroom Chateau Marmont/ Slipping on my red dress/ Putting on my makeup” “Off to the Races,” Born to Die

“Put my little red party dress on/ Everybody knows that I’m the best, I’m crazy” “Cruel World,” Ultraviolence

“Put your red dress on/ Put your lipstick on/ Sing your song, now the camera’s on” “Carmen,” Born to Die

“She wore blue velvet/ Bluer than velvet were her eyes” “Blue Velvet” single

“I’m in his favorite sundress/ Watching me get undressed/ Take that body downtown” “Video Games,” Born to Die

“The prettiest in-crowd that you have ever seen/ Ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean” “This Is What Makes Us Girls,” Born to Die

“Lay me down tonight, in my diamonds and pearls” “Fucked My Way Up to the Top,” Ultraviolence

“Baby put on heart-shaped sunglasses/ Cuz’ we’re gonna take a ride” “Diet Mountain Dew,” Born to Die