That “Full-Frontal” ‘True Detective’ DVD We’ve Been Waiting For: Links You Need to See


While one of today’s links mourns the most misguided TV deaths, another keeps the misery in check by celebrating the fleshing-out of new OITNB favorite Poussey. Honestly, what does it all matter when ultimately, it’ll all get bootlegged and misrepresented as having “Amazing Perform, Full-Frontal Action,” as in the True Detective DVD cover link below?

Remember that time when Lucy killed Little Ricky? Me either, but that would have been about as tone-deaf as these character deaths that actually made their ways into TV shows. [UPROXX]

While it’s undeniable that True Detective did have some “Amazing perform,” perhaps a little more male “full-frontal action” would have evened the score among those who considered the show misogynistic. [Jezebel]

Now a fan favorite, Samira Wiley talks about turning OITNB‘s Poussey into a fully formed character. [BuzzFeed]

Kill Bill gets 8-bitten. 8-bitted? Fine, put in 8-bit. [A.V. Club]