Pic of the Day: James Turrell Gets Neon


James Turrell is an LA-based artist described by Wallpaper* as a “well-combed cross between Grizzly Adams and Karl Marx.” Wolfsburg, Germany – an hour outside of progressive art capital Berlin and home to the Volkswagon headquarters – is the site of Turrell’s latest installation, a 7,500 square feet construction called “Bridget’s Bardo.” Meant as a Ganzfeld piece, it emphasizes “inner rather than outer space as well as artificial rather than celestial light.” Visitors can stand in two interlocking spaces within the setup, both entirely empty but infused with gradual shifts of colored light. And did we mention it’s neon? More bright lights, big art after the jump.

Fun fact: Turrell is trained as a pilot, and his best known work is a form of land art he calls a “skyscape,” in which he carves out earthen spaces from which to observe sections of sky. The largest of these is a continuous project in the Arizona desert, inside an extinct volcano the size of Manhattan.