Cultural Dabbling in the Occult


Halloween is fast approaching and design aggregator Linefeed is feeling the spirit with a selection of all things occult and cultish. Ever wondered why a masonic symbol is printed on our national currency? Have a hankering for a television spook fest courtesy of Lars von Trier? Curious as to how Flavorpill is also getting into the Freemason spirit this October 31st? Read on and connect the mysterious dots, revelers.

The Eye of Providence

“The design of America’s various dollar bills have been set in stone since the $2 bill was conceived in 1929. Other international currencies have updated their look and feel on a semi-regular basis yet the US dollar bills stubbornly refuse to change. The upside to this is that we get to see some of the ancient symbology that used to be associated with money and accumulation of wealth. The Eye of Providence is the most intriguing of these, it is said to present God’s Eye watching over the ascension of mankind. This is emphasized on the dollar bill by the addition of a pyramid comprised of 13 steps, drawn to match the number of states under US rule at the time of the design’s deployment.” [Linefeed]

The Square & Compass

“The Freemasons insist that they are not a cult and, in fact, list the many reasons many they should not be referred to as this (for instance you’ll be pleased to know that brainwashing, or thought reform, is not used within Freemasonry). Being over 300 years old, it makes sense that it’s the ancient imagery they use ties into the idea of “cults” and other more sinister secret societies. The set square and the compass not only refer to the origins of Freemasonry as stone masons and architects but also are used in various rituals and to symbolize ideals such as the instruction to members to ’square their actions by the square of virtue’ and to learn to ‘circumscribe their desires and keep their passions within due bounds toward all mankind’.” [Linefeed]

Riget, aka The Kingdom, directed by Lars von Trier

“Antichrist isn’t von Trier’s first foray into the occult. Riget, or The Kingdom, as it was renamed for English speaking audiences, has become one of the best known Danish television shows ever (how many of those can you name?). The series was set in a hospital built upon once ancient and mystical grounds, basically the Danish version of a Stephen King novel. Of course, being von Trier the series only adhered to it’s own unique conventions, ie each episode would start out quite jovial, even comedic, before it’s slow decent into the hidden places with the hospital and the eerie occult and supernatural goings on inhabiting them, thereby lulling you into a false sense of security.” [More occult shows on Linefeed]

Check out a clip in the original Danish below:

And the trailers, with English subtitles, for seasons one and two:

Spooky News You Can Use: Today Flavorpill announced the location of its top secret Halloween venue and, drumroll please, it’s all happening in Fort Greene’s Masonic Temple. Indulge in a little cult symbology of your own while playing “Gods and Heroes” to the sounds of The Very Best, Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew, and tabla-rockers Sub Swara. Take a sneak peek at the venue here.